Short Course*

December 7, 6:30-9:30 pm

Dinner Expert ThinkTank: Zika Vaccine Development

The recent outbreak of Zika virus infection has prompted an urgent response from the global community, and several companies have begun developing vaccines. Although the process can be lengthy, researchers may be able to use platforms from other flaviviruses as a starting point. Still, the biology of the virus must be understood and challenges to advancing new strategies overcome. The ThinkTank will include presentations and a panel discussion with experts in the field, including a company whose candidate is already in clinical trials.

6:30-8:00 Dinner and Presentations

Zika Virus Subunit Vaccine Based on VADEX Technology

Ming-Chung Kan, Ph.D., CEO, Vaxsia Biomedical

Human Antibody Responses after Dengue Virus Infection Are Highly Cross-Reactive to Zika Virus

Jens Wrammert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Immunology, Emory University School of Medicine

8:00-9:30 Panel Discussion

Laurent M. Humeau, Ph.D., Vice President, Research & Development, Inovio Pharmaceuticals
Ming-Chung Kan, Ph.D., CEO, Vaxsia Biomedical
Mario Skiadopoulos, Ph.D., Senior Director, Non-Clinical Development, Emergent BioSolutions
Jens Wrammert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor,Microbiology & Immunology, Emory University School of Medicine
Haritha Adhikarla, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist, Albert Ko Laboratory, Yale School of Public Health

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